Wednesday, June 24, 2009

perpisahan itu datang

when i'm writing this, i'm crying. out loud! i just let my roommate for 6 years go. go back for good. i feel so immature. but for me, 'this separation is an excuse to let my heart out.'

first to go were jey and odah.

last nite, it was maddy and kas. one is my 'total cry out' friend and another one is my 3- months-survivor partner.

this morning, it was tikah's time. tikah, u and ur mom rocks! sorry for everything...

this one is special for wani. yes, i cried in front of her, her mom and my other friends. we were hugging each other under the hot sun, but nothing else matters now. i just wanna let my heart out. wani, halalkan semuanya. maafkan semuanya. walaupun kita taklah selalu menggembar-gemburkan yang kita roommate for 6 years, but deep in each of our bottom heart u are my 'bestest' roommate ever. don't forget to keep in touch. i miss u already though we just separated for less than 10 minutes.

in half an hour, its milah's time. i don't how how much tears will flow from my eyes anymore.

then, eva's time.

and tomorrow will be the rest's time.

i'll be missing u guys. it has become a habit for me to be with all of the 24 of u. and now i'll be in the career world alone, but i know u guys will still be with me.

Ya Allah, berkati hidup mereka semua. InsyaAllah.


wanderfulmadnificent said...

i miss you too! ^_^

April Fimbristylis said...

gda, juz want to let you know, that losing you is the hardest part to do, i'm crying while im reading this, when i woke up this morning i was hoping i will see you sleeping on the next bed, but there was no other bed, there was no you, but deep inside my heart, there will always be you, and to my other friends too, you are like angels from heaven, i wish we will see each other again, God, how i miss everybody, i hope persahabatan kita kekal hingga akhirat. amin.

gda Mokhtar said...

sob sob, too sad to let it out...

kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

i hate dis separation :(