Wednesday, June 10, 2009

salam and greetings to all =)

1. i might be late with this entry.
2. now i realize, i'm a light packer. good sign for future backpacking trip ^_^
3. bas express ke pantai timur memang rock, tahap drift!
4. it's so long since the last time i'm 'dealing' with nature.
5. i'm learning to cure my 'mabuk laut'.
6. nyesal terlepas peluang mencandat sotong.

Most important of all, i had my birthday night blast on the boat for the first time in my 24 years!!!

Everytime we join something new, mesti nak pasang angan2 jadi itu dan ini. And here, aku pasang impian nak jadi sukarelawan PUSAKO. sounds easy, but InsyaAllah rezeki kan kehendak Allah asalkan kita usaha.

the backpackers team

waiting to be on board

subhanallah, that's all i can say

muka nak masuk laut

fish 'the boatman' caught before jumping into the sea

in the boat

snorkel time

the crystal mosque, went on the last day

one of the replicas

it' not that hard to be in Taj Mahal, thanx to Kak Iza and Cekgu Aizat...
only on the last day i found out Riss's sister and i have the same interest - korean/japanese movies!


ejat said...

bgs2, biar 15 orang suma jd jurulatih pusat gempak....hahaha

Your Average Mat said...

PUSAKO tu bukan volunteer worklah. Its "work". heheh.... narik gak idea tu ..

tgh tunggu underwater photo from kak riss to post.