Wednesday, September 02, 2009

i'm already a teacher! and i can call myself a T.E.A.C.H.E.R. and thank u to all my teachers, at school, at home and everywhere...

A new sudden addiction!

Yesterday, a teacher mentioned to me..
'kalo budak x salin nota yg mazidah bagi, tak taula. tulisan dia kat atas blackboard tu...besarr, bulat!'
I just laughed, a bit touched.

After entering a class in the first period today, i tried to improve my handwriting. smaller and neater!

And then, tgk dari jauh. sengaja bejalan, berdiri kat blakang kelas. erm, better..look nicer! not bad.

The class finished, another period coming non stop.

Suddenly rasa cam best ja nak tulis lagi, on the blackboard!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mencabarnya Tarawikh...

3 Ramadhan 1430H

Setelah sekian lama, Ramadhan datang lagi..and this time, I’m fasting as someone whose already working and not anymore as a student after 6 years.

Ramadhan tahun ni disertai musim hujan yang panjang dan meleret-leret, dari pagi ke petang, sampai malam. Tapi aku tak kata hujan ni cuaca yang buruk, sebab ada jugak orang yang suka hujan..iaitu aku, especially bila school holiday.

FYI, aku jenis yang susah nak tidur siang. Balik sekolah aku biasanya akan lunch, solat, then lepak depan TV melainkan kalau aku betul2 penat macam ada 1 hari tu sampai tak ada masa nak masuk bilik guru.

Malam tarawikh awal-awal macam biasa ja, tapi malam ketiga tu aduuh..aku sendiri pun tak tau apa jadi kat aku. Berbuka macam biasa, maghrib, ke surau. Isya’, tarawikh..2 rakaat, 4, 6, 8. Imam baca doa panjang skit and then rehat jap 5 minit. Ada la 2 3 orang yang tinggalkan saf.. aku pun menguap la, 1x, 2x. Aku pun lentok la kejap kat atas sejadah, in a form of a ‘sujud’.

Sujud malam tu adalah sujud aku paling panjang. Mana taknya, start dari rakaat 9 sampai habis rakaat ke18. Fuhh... Yang peliknya, apsal mak or akak aku tak kejutkan? Sedar je, mak aku cakap..

‘Panjang sujud syukur kamu ye?’

Jauhnya perjalanan…

It took me, and all of us, 6 years to complete the journey. That, everyone knows. But literally, the journey I took to attend the ceremony was also, undeniably long.

Went out at 6.15 am (Sunday) but I missed the bus. Kisahnya, the bus bertolak keluar lebih awal dari masa yg sepatutnya. Nasib..

Then, I took 8.30 am bus to Shahab Perdana and arrived there at 10.30 am. This means, I missed my 10 am bus that I was supposed to take with the rest (Ejat, Najat and Wan)

Hoping to take the next buses - 11 am, 3 pm or 5 pm; unfortunately all were sold out.

The only bus left was an 11 pm bus to Ipoh.

I took the bus and arrived in Ipoh at 2 am in the morning. Lucky my brother was able to come and fetch me or else, I’ll be sleeping in Medan Gopeng alone!!!

Then, only the next morning at 9 am I departed to Tanjung Malim and arrived there at 11 am.

Went to take the convocation robe and I had no other choice than to follow Wani to her sister’s house. No raptai or anything.

And the next day, everything went smooth except for my parents who arrived quite late from Ipoh but they finally made it.

Whatever it is, I did it! We did it! Tapi perjuangan harus diteruskan, my service is always needed...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Assalamualaikum, greettings to all...

This entry is written in 10 minutes time before I go to my next class

1. Exam questions
I was appointed as 'Penyelaras Soalan' for Form 4 English, Form 1 Computer Literacy and Standard 5 Mathematics. English paper is fine with me, but for CL - there is no reference
anything; not even books or teachers to refer to. Maths - I was given the order abruptly
believe it or not, I finished it in 15 minutes before it was sent for riso. Phew!

2. Eat
July 27, today! I have not eaten anything, yet. No time, seriously. Makan kat asram pun ok
not bad boleh masuk mulut la. Alhamdulillah.

3. Urusan posting

4. Konvokesyen
Headache. Still not sure if my parents will be able to come, in the process of 'memujuk' my
sisters and brothers to take a day leave to go for my konvo.

5. Former teacher
I've met 2 of my former teachers, one in standard 5 and another one in form 2. used to be
their student, and now colleagues!

Monday, July 20, 2009

in the school ambience

Assalamualaikum, greetings to all...(",)

Just to inform the latest news

I'm posted to Sekolah Model Khas Baling

The address

Sekolah Model Khas Baling
Jalan Bukit Carok Nau
09100 Baling
Kedah Yang Aman


So now, i can't wait to get my own car so that i can stay at home permanently.

Why? Well, i hav transport problem and for now i go to school with my brother and insyaAllah by next week i'l be staying in te school hostel. All FOC!

Info about my school:
1. SModKB only consists of 500 students
2. Starting from Std. 4 - Form 5
3. Composition of studnets in a class: 19-25
4. Percents of English: 90% pass

Shocking news:
1. I have no choice than to teach Maths for Std. 5

Again, students greet me 'Assalamualaikum Ustazah!' on my first day.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

tata titi tutu

in about half an hour, i'll be going back for good. may not be able to write for quite some times.

my heart is beating very hard. still waiting for my posting letter. phew!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

perpisahan itu datang

when i'm writing this, i'm crying. out loud! i just let my roommate for 6 years go. go back for good. i feel so immature. but for me, 'this separation is an excuse to let my heart out.'

first to go were jey and odah.

last nite, it was maddy and kas. one is my 'total cry out' friend and another one is my 3- months-survivor partner.

this morning, it was tikah's time. tikah, u and ur mom rocks! sorry for everything...

this one is special for wani. yes, i cried in front of her, her mom and my other friends. we were hugging each other under the hot sun, but nothing else matters now. i just wanna let my heart out. wani, halalkan semuanya. maafkan semuanya. walaupun kita taklah selalu menggembar-gemburkan yang kita roommate for 6 years, but deep in each of our bottom heart u are my 'bestest' roommate ever. don't forget to keep in touch. i miss u already though we just separated for less than 10 minutes.

in half an hour, its milah's time. i don't how how much tears will flow from my eyes anymore.

then, eva's time.

and tomorrow will be the rest's time.

i'll be missing u guys. it has become a habit for me to be with all of the 24 of u. and now i'll be in the career world alone, but i know u guys will still be with me.

Ya Allah, berkati hidup mereka semua. InsyaAllah.

underwater world

my scuba diving picture!

~another world i would love to explore~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

salam and greetings to all =)

1. i might be late with this entry.
2. now i realize, i'm a light packer. good sign for future backpacking trip ^_^
3. bas express ke pantai timur memang rock, tahap drift!
4. it's so long since the last time i'm 'dealing' with nature.
5. i'm learning to cure my 'mabuk laut'.
6. nyesal terlepas peluang mencandat sotong.

Most important of all, i had my birthday night blast on the boat for the first time in my 24 years!!!

Everytime we join something new, mesti nak pasang angan2 jadi itu dan ini. And here, aku pasang impian nak jadi sukarelawan PUSAKO. sounds easy, but InsyaAllah rezeki kan kehendak Allah asalkan kita usaha.

the backpackers team

waiting to be on board

subhanallah, that's all i can say

muka nak masuk laut

fish 'the boatman' caught before jumping into the sea

in the boat

snorkel time

the crystal mosque, went on the last day

one of the replicas

it' not that hard to be in Taj Mahal, thanx to Kak Iza and Cekgu Aizat...
only on the last day i found out Riss's sister and i have the same interest - korean/japanese movies!