Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jauhnya perjalanan…

It took me, and all of us, 6 years to complete the journey. That, everyone knows. But literally, the journey I took to attend the ceremony was also, undeniably long.

Went out at 6.15 am (Sunday) but I missed the bus. Kisahnya, the bus bertolak keluar lebih awal dari masa yg sepatutnya. Nasib..

Then, I took 8.30 am bus to Shahab Perdana and arrived there at 10.30 am. This means, I missed my 10 am bus that I was supposed to take with the rest (Ejat, Najat and Wan)

Hoping to take the next buses - 11 am, 3 pm or 5 pm; unfortunately all were sold out.

The only bus left was an 11 pm bus to Ipoh.

I took the bus and arrived in Ipoh at 2 am in the morning. Lucky my brother was able to come and fetch me or else, I’ll be sleeping in Medan Gopeng alone!!!

Then, only the next morning at 9 am I departed to Tanjung Malim and arrived there at 11 am.

Went to take the convocation robe and I had no other choice than to follow Wani to her sister’s house. No raptai or anything.

And the next day, everything went smooth except for my parents who arrived quite late from Ipoh but they finally made it.

Whatever it is, I did it! We did it! Tapi perjuangan harus diteruskan, my service is always needed...

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