Sunday, July 26, 2009

Assalamualaikum, greettings to all...

This entry is written in 10 minutes time before I go to my next class

1. Exam questions
I was appointed as 'Penyelaras Soalan' for Form 4 English, Form 1 Computer Literacy and Standard 5 Mathematics. English paper is fine with me, but for CL - there is no reference
anything; not even books or teachers to refer to. Maths - I was given the order abruptly
believe it or not, I finished it in 15 minutes before it was sent for riso. Phew!

2. Eat
July 27, today! I have not eaten anything, yet. No time, seriously. Makan kat asram pun ok
not bad boleh masuk mulut la. Alhamdulillah.

3. Urusan posting

4. Konvokesyen
Headache. Still not sure if my parents will be able to come, in the process of 'memujuk' my
sisters and brothers to take a day leave to go for my konvo.

5. Former teacher
I've met 2 of my former teachers, one in standard 5 and another one in form 2. used to be
their student, and now colleagues!

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